The world is a much different place than it was when the year started. Coming into 2020, one of the biggest shifts we were seeing was the need for BOPIS, or Buy Online Pickup in Store, as it grew in popularity with shoppers. Now, we are witnessing a historic rise in the demand for Buy Online Pickup At Curbside. Which is exactly what it sounds like. A solution that enables retailers of all sizes to better utilize their order management systems while providing customers with a safer way to retrieve the items they want and need.

After gaining a clearer picture of this new commerce landscape. One Step teamed up with Shopgate for a curbside solution that could be quickly implemented to help retailers capitalize on sales today and offer greater convenience for the future.

The Benefits of a BOPAC Solution:

  1. Enable more buying options - more omnichannel shopping options will lead to more sales, especially during a time where shoppers are looking to limit contact with other people. Being able to offer a minimal interaction buying solution is a major benefit.
  2. Ability to forecast more accurate projections - the addition of Curbside pickup allows you to better track inventory and sales projections for future instability. Having accurate projections is key for maintaining a sustainable business model through this situation and anything that can come in the future.
  3. Customer loyalty and engagement - customer loyalty can be greatly improved by offering user-friendly and consistent shopping options. Creating unified shopping experiences whether that is in-store, or through any of your “Buy Online” options, builds customer retention and engagement.
  4. Increased sales through communication - the ability to better display inventory digitally in tandem with the use of push notifications, and purchasing suggestion prompts, streamlines your customers experience from first sight to the online cart. Updates on order progress and communication of shopping incentives, like sales and promotions, create a personalized experience that leads to additional sales.

Don’t let sales pass you by because you are waiting on "business as usual.” Gain comfort operating in the "new normal" and discover a truly unified shopping experience today. Find out how One Step and Shopgate can help you meet your customers curbside.

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