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Pour yourself a cup of coffee and join us as we welcome industry-leading experts and special guests to explore critical topics relevant to transitioning your business through uncertain times.

You've seen the news. Your business has been impacted. And, you are full of mixed emotions. This series was designed to help you right the ship by supplying real advice, recommendations, resources, and tools, that you can use to get back on course in 2020.

We're all stronger when we pull together.

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Introduction to The Coffee Talks Series

Welcome to The Coffee Talks! Meet our host, Bobby Nairn, and learn how we are helping businesses transition through these uncertain times. See Video

Remote conferencing

Remote Communication Featuring RingCentral

Derek Resler of RingCentral coaches us on how to effectively communicate amidst the chaos to inspire deeper connections with staff and customers alike. See Video

Remote Cybersecurity

Remote Cybersecurity with Cheryl Blasnek

VP of Secure IT Services, Cheryl Blasnek, highlights how to transition your team into a safe remote working environment while remaining cyber aware. See Video

Engaging Customers

Rethinking Your Retail Strategy - Part 1

Keeping your customers and community engaged, getting social, and exploring new avenues to sell products while stores are closed. See Video
Excess Inventory

Rethinking Your Retail Strategy - Part 2

What to do with excess inventory, maintaining vendor relationships, and generating goodwill. See Video
Diving deep into your data.

Rethinking Your Retail Strategy - Part 3

Taking advantage of the forced downtime, diving deep into your data, and preparing for the 2nd half of the year. See Video
Episode 1 of Key Areas of Focus

Key Areas of Focus - Part 1 Survive

Great Game of Business Coach, Doug Diamond, coaches us on adapting to the new normal, getting really good at doing business virtually, and keeping in touch with clients. See Video
Episode 2 of Key Areas of  Focus

Key Areas of Focus - Part 2 Staying Alive

Business Improvement Specialist, Doug Diamond, is back for Part 2 to discuss establishing new communication rhythms, analyzing expenses, and identifying a clear list of priorities. See Video
Episode 3 of Key Areas of Focus

Key Areas of Focus - Part 3 Thrive

In the finale of our 3-Part Series with Doug Diamond—Doug highlights key upcoming opportunities that will help businesses emerge stronger from the COVID-19 crisis. See Video
The Dark Web

The Dark Web

You think you know the internet, but you've only seen the tip of the iceberg. Cheryl Blasnek explores the part of the web where you don't want yours or your customer's info to end up. See Video

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Coffee Talks Resources

Coffee Talks Resources

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