To the One Step team,

We recently implemented Retail Pro to our Austrian Subsidiary. We had a very aggressive timeline which One Step’s Implementation Team accommodated. The project duration was about 60+/- days.

Our One Step Implementation Specialist was very organized and professional. He created a comprehensive project plan and stuck to regular weekly meetings. He kept us on track and kept project team members accountable for their tasks. He provided great communication, showcasing where we might have potential risk— keeping everyone informed.

He worked well with regional partners— both external and internal. He worked around their time difference in order to be able to meet and communicate with everyone. He was able to provide answers to our regional partner when they didn’t have the experience and asked for next steps. He answered questions directly with their team when needed.

The go live was changed by the foreign team due to issues they had in getting their regional specific payment plug-in. Bill was flexible and worked around this. We were able to implement successfully by the new go live date. He also provided good follow up support after the go live and remained available until we were off and running.

Our One Step Implementation Specialist was a great partner on the project and we appreciated his dedication and service.


Kim Hopwood

IT Manager of SAP and BI Applications

Burton Snowboards