Make inventory your biggest asset, not your biggest expense

Extend the value of your retail management system and the data it is constantly gathering. Our inventory experts analyze your data and advise you on how to increase your inventory turn and improve future purchasing decisions.

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Don’t leave thousands of dollars on the table

Being off by even 1% between your current inventory selection and what your customers are shopping for can equate to significant lost profits. Using a web-based analytics platform with real-time actionable information, you’ll get the big data advantage that major big-box retailers have been using for years to spot trends and capitalize on opportunities.

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94% accuracy helps you plan with confidence

Based on predictive algorithms, our customized inventory plans are 94% accurate when followed correctly. You’ll know exactly what you need to buy to ensure your success. Our team will help you implement a plan to get there, turning your dead inventory into cash you can use to buy the right inventory.

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Increase cash flow so you have the funds needed to run and grow your business.
Improve customer service and loyalty by having the right items when and where your customers need them.
Reduce overstocks, lower inventory carrying costs and the need for markdowns.
Know what your customers are willing to pay to capitalize on every sale.
Boost margin and reduce dollars sitting in overstocked merchandise.
Create supply chain efficiencies that reduce operating costs and increase profit.

The 360-degree view of your customers and business.

Our goal is simple: to help you transform your business by revolutionizing your approach to retail. Here’s how we’ve been helping high-growth clients do it for over 30+ years.


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