Written by Marc Weiss, CEO and President of Management One and Retail ORBIT

During a recent interview, the candidate mentioned that when her current employer develops a new product, they create a sales deck to sell it. This includes identifying the holes in a business that their product solves. I had never used the term "holes in a business" before and, instead, have always referred to them as opportunities. This prompted me to recall what I used to do all the time when I was actively selling and consulting.

I would start my consulting rotation each month with clients who were the best salespeople. We would meet for breakfast and go over objectives, bring up objections and brainstorm answers to those objections.

It was fun, challenging, and kept me sharp. Their objections would be about their objective of selling products. Mine, of course, was about my objective of selling a service. We helped each other stay focused and creative. If you heard an objection once, you were sure to hear it again. Except, each time I had more arrows in my quiver.

It is that style of role-playing that can be part of a daily activity in your store

When a customer walks in, an opportunity arrives. What you do with that opportunity is on you. It is amazing that salespeople do the same thing and say the same things, over and over again, and expect different results. Einstein called that insanity. Yet we do it.

Here's a way to break the mold.

Every time an objection comes up, write it down. Then role-play with each other during down times to discuss different approaches, finding good answers (and write them down), and help each other discover new ways to conquer objections. And don't be afraid to be silly, have fun, and even play games.

Those are often the times when an "aha moment" occurs. Daniel Pink discusses in his book, To Sell is Human, that we are constantly influencing people to our point of view, every day. We are always selling an idea, a project, a point of view, etc. It is a good must-read, even if your primary job is not selling.

When you consider the effort that is made to reach out via social media, emailing, and texting to generate traffic, the same effort... if not more... needs to happen when a customer arrives in your store.

Take that moment to connect, and turn your attention to building a newer, stronger and more meaningful relationship. Each opportunity is precious. Think about the holes that exist; the holes that need to be filled to create the bridge from the product to the customer. People remember moments and each moment you spend has the opportunity to be memorable. Create a special moment with each customer and they will return again and again and share their experience with their friends.

That's a great way to grow goodwill... and your business.

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