Your software has a robust security system module. Adding employees to the system can help create accountability and also control access to confidential and advanced areas of the software. In addition, there are many other benefits of tracking employee information in your retail system:

  • Set employee password and assign to group for secured access to the system. Restrict areas of the software and what information fields are visible to your employees
  • Check in/out: Time clock feature for hourly employees. Create time shifts, set base and overtime rate, then run shift reports for payroll processing.
  • Sales Commissions: Create commission levels and assign to employee. Run commission reports for sales commission distribution
  • Create sales target for employees. Set goals and monitor progress by running Sales Target by Employee report.
  • Assign cash drawer and till to employee. Then run end of day reconciliation by employee.
  • Specify in employee record maximum discount percentage allowed to be given at point of sale. Discounts allowed at point of sale restricted to a minimum.
  • Specify discount % for employee purchases. Employee purchases discount calculated automatically.
  • Reporting options for cashier and associate performance. Reports provide you with total hours worked, number of sales and units count, Sales amount, discounts given, average units per sale and average dollars per sale.

Your POS software has many features to help you manage your business. Assisting in the management of your employees is one of those features that can be very useful and beneficial to you. Try just one of the suggestions above and see how it works. You can add more later!