Written by the One Step Blog Team

Watch out Amazon. Google has thrown its hat in the retail ring. In mid-March, Google introduced its new Shopping Actions program. Under this program, retailers are invited to team up with Google to have a stronger online presence on its Google Search, Google Express, and Google Assistant services. It is a chance for retailers, big or small, to compete with Amazon on capturing more online purchases made from desktops, mobile devices, and smart home devices. The program is Google’s solution to providing their customers the ease and immediate gratification Amazon delivers to theirs. Features like a single shopping cart and instant checkout, make it easier for customers to get their shopping done seamlessly.

What does the program entail for retailers? Here is what Google had to say this past month.

“By participating in the Shopping Actions program, you’ll be able to:

  • Surface your products on new platforms like the Google Assistant with voice shopping.
  • Help your customers shop effortlessly with you, across Google. A shareable list, universal shopping cart and instant checkout with saved payment credentials work across Google.com and the Google Assistant — allowing your customers to seamlessly turn browsing into buying.
  • Increase loyalty and engagement with your highest value customers. 1 click re-ordering, personalized recommendation, and basket-building turn one-time shoppers into repeat customers.”

With Shopping Actions program, retailers can take full advantage of Google’s innovations to deliver to customers an Amazon-style shopping experience. Take for example, a customer is searching for all-natural dog food on their phone. The customer can see a listing from one of Google’s partners for all-natural dog food. Choose the dog food and add to Google’s Express cart. Later, the customer may be at home, reorder house cleaning items, add it to the same cart, proceed to check out, and have all the items delivered in one seamless shopping experience. A customer will also receive recommendations based on their purchase history and have the opportunity to integrate their reward programs with their Google account.

Currently Google is working with retail partners like Walmart, Ulta Beauty, Costco, Home Depot, and Target to drive this new program forward. “Ulta Beauty has already seen improvements in their customer engagement on Google Express, with average order value increasing 35% since 2016,” said Google. And, Target has seen the size of guests’ Express baskets increase by nearly 20% since they expanded their Google Express offering nationwide last year.

Of course, the program is not free. Google will be using a pay-per-sale model in which participating retailers will only be charged when an actual purchase is made. The program is available to all-size retailers nationwide.

Will Google’s Shopping Action program be the solution retailers have been looking for to compete against Amazon? Only time will tell.