Dear Retail Friends, Customers, and Prospects,

Holy cow 2018 are you kidding me; it seems as though I just wrote my January 2017 piece. Okay sorry about that, happy new year to all of you and may 2018 bring you much success. We worked hard on our plans to reinvent the company, and I am looking forward to continuing this process. Keeping a company relevant is probably one of the most important yet difficult challenges. Many factors can impact a business, and one must be diligent and transparent, and those two activities don’t play nicely with each other. I strongly urge all business owners to keep themselves informed of the latest trends; read trade publications, attend trade-expos, listen to both customers and employees, but almost as important is to open your eyes and do regular gut checks.

It is so easy to be busy nowadays to the point that you lose track of days, weeks and even years. As a way to stay out of this rut, I love to learn about new trends in my industry. Then I like monitoring those trends and starting side projects to see how I can incorporate them into my clients business as a way to provide them with advantages. A few months later I might have a full-fledged product or service I can offer, and that is fun, but it doesn’t come without a lot of effort and plenty of attempts that don’t take off.

Many years ago we started offering multiple POS solutions because there are different types of retailers and no one retailer does business precisely the same way. This process took many years to perfect, but it provides our prospective clients the ability to work with a company that only has their interests at heart. Over the years there has been a strong transition occurring from brick and mortar being the driving force to a significant portion of purchases taking place online. As this shift happened, I saw some opportunities that we could bring to market and this opened up many opportunities to expand our offering and thus relevance.

Last year we introduced our outsourced technology management services, and we are now managing close to 500 devices and growing rapidly. Our goal was simple, create a unique offering designed for retailers specifically and let our clients focus on their business and not on their technology. This service offering provides a distinct advantage, and that is exactly what we love delivering to our clients.

This year we are introducing some additional services which you will learn about soon. We are putting the final touches on one now and getting ready to launch another sometime in the second quarter. I strongly encourage all of you to be on the lookout and once we introduce them to take advantage of them as they will help improve your ability to compete and grow your businesses.

I think running a business is one of the most challenging and rewarding games anyone can play.

Enjoy and Happy New Year
Scott Kreisberg
CEO, One Step Retail Solutions