To Whom It May Concern,

One Step recently completed an extensive project for Ylang 23 that involved expanding our Retail Pro from a singular brick-and-mortar location into a multi-location company with a corporate office/ distribution center. Doing so required them to not only upgrade our existing server and workstations to version 9.4, but they also had to configure a new server and several corresponding workstations. There were several moving parts during the installation including coordination with our IT contractor and the Retail Dimensions team, printer set up, data sync between the two servers, and Flex Query installations, amongst others.

Throughout the entire project, our One Step Implementation Specialist was an absolute pleasure to work with, always conducting himself in a professional, thoughtful, flexible and understanding manner. He clearly and knowledgeably communicated the project plan ensuring that I had realistic expectations for the timing and scheduled deliverables. If he encountered any issues along the way that would cause delay, he was transparent in explaining those setbacks. There were several times when he was challenged with additional needs during our calls and he quickly, willingly and calmly addressed them for us. There were no instances where he was unable to resolve an issue presented to him. Without failure, our Implementation Specialist consistently went above and beyond his normal responsibilities and proved that he was a productive partner who kept our best interests at the forefront.

This week, Ylang 23 announced that we are opening an additional brick-and-mortar store and as a result, will require One Step Retail to help us expand Retail Pro to that location in the spring. There is no doubt that I will request for our One Step Implementation Specialist to be assigned to that project as well.


Jessica Savary

Sr. Director E-commerce & Operations

Ylang 23