To One Step Retail Solutions:

We have finished our implementation of NCR Counterpoint, with the help of our One Step Retail Solutions Implementation Specialist and the rest of their team. We are very satisfied with the services provided. Great support from our One Step Implementation Specialist, thorough and professional. Construction delays and staffing issues presented an ongoing challenge as we got our new infrastructure up to speed, but they rolled with the punches and were patient and professional despite the chaos.

What we like most about NCR Counterpoint is its adaptability. The program handles membership, ticketing, gift shop, and café in one package.

We look forward to working with One Step on future projects.

All best,

Sam Morris
Manager of Digital Services
Martha’s Vineyard Museum

Martha’s Vineyard Museum – Originally known as the Dukes County Historical Society back in 1922, the museum has evolved and grown throughout the years inspiring visitors to discover, explore, and strengthen their connections to the Martha’s Vineyard region and its diverse heritage. This past March, the museum opened its new hilltop campus overlooking the Lagoon Pond and Vineyard Haven harbor. The campus includes 14 exhibition spaces, a classroom and program room, research library, gift shop, and café. For more information, visit the museum at

NCR Counterpoint is the specialty retail management system that brings the front and back offices into harmony, enabling you to grow your best business. Their comprehensive and flexible solution will manage your business’ details, so you can focus on what truly matters: your customers.

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