To Whom It May Concern,

I would like to send this note to express how pleased we, at New Era Cap., Inc., have been with One Step Retail’s service and efforts on our project to take back the flagship stores for North America and deploy Retail Pro in these. The project involved relatively complex integrations back to our ERP backend, as well as a complicated and “cluttered” migration from the previously 3rd party operated stores.

The One Step team provided an excellent service and support through this, providing expertize in best practice use of Retail Pro, but as well provide technical solutions to our integration needs. Their dedication to make us successful had them available at all times, early mornings and late evenings at the pressing times.

We look forward to leveraging their expertize on our future endeavors as we mature and grow or retail business!

Thank you, and Best Regards.
Kenneth Berg

Director, Digital Programs

New Era Cap., Inc.