Written by Joseph Stock, One Step Implementation Specialist


June 30, 2018 is an important date for retailers. It is the day that older versions of TLS will no longer be supported for credit card transactions. The only version of TLS going forward will be TLS 1.2. This is a major change to the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). All major credit card companies follow this standard and to be in compliance, so must retailers.

From a practical standpoint, what does this mean? Well, it very likely means that your Windows operating system may need an update (Windows 10 is already compliant, but older versions may not be). It also means your point of sale system will need to support TLS 1.2, which very likely means you need to install an update.

We strongly encourage retailers not to wait on this. Some credit card processors are implementing the change before June 30. It also is very likely that there will be a rush in late June to make the necessary changes and this could cause a very large backlog. Now is the time to be planning for this, not 2 to 3 months from now.

One Step Retail Solution’s team is ready and able to help our customers. We encourage all our customers to reach out to your One Step Account Manager or Implementation Specialist as soon as possible. June 30 is much closer than you might realize.