Dear One Step,

I wanted to provide an update regarding our recent installation and go live of Retail Pro 9.4 at our new store The Foot & Ankle. Overall the project has been a huge success. Our main goal was to install the software and hardware and get the store up and running in a very tight timeline. We presented One Step with the challenge to deploy the system in less than 2 months. With the help of a few key individuals, we were able to accomplish our goal in the necessary time frame. Let’s be clear there were issues (weather, IT team, etc.) along the way, but with the help of One Step those issues were overcome quickly and with the highest priority.

Together we worked through the project and developed the timeline and deadlines for each step. Managing the timeline enabled us to meet our milestones and ultimately meet our project deadline as scheduled. The OSRS team made every effort to make the project a priority. Our needs were always met in a timely manner and we are up and running smoothly and efficiently.

One Step’s Support and Implementation specialists played a critical role in getting our store configured quickly and easily. We also introduced a new payment platform and new credit card terminals and had no issues getting the devices configured, the OSRS team provided detailed instructions on how to configure the system which made it possible for us to configure the system which made it possible for us to develop our internal procedures to streamline our deployment. The team has been excellent in following up with me to ensure everything was working as expected and in fact dropped everything to address a few critical needs as the project rolled out.

I am thankful that they were involved in my Retail Pro implementation. It was a pleasure to work with them throughout this project. It felt like they were extensions of my team rather than an outside vendor working to log hours against our account. I am grateful for their efforts and I appreciate their dedication and attention to my needs.


Ed Hryzan