To One Step,

When we secured your services two months ago, we knew we were working against an extremely aggressive timeline to install Retail Pro in our retail stores. Our main goal was to install the software and hardware while getting the stores up and running with little or no disruption to our business. From the beginning, the One Step team demonstrated unyielding persistence to get the job done.

Our One Step project manager worked closely with us to develop a solid project plan, timelines, and deadlines for each step. Your implementation specialists played a vital role in guiding us through configuring the system and training our store teams. The team worked tirelessly to ensure our project was their priority and that we got the answers we needed as questions arose. In less than two months, the OSRS team was able to help us achieve our goal and seamlessly aid us in our move to a new payment platform and credit card terminals.

The One Step Team’s tenacity, follow up and follow through quickly helped us move past any issues that arose during implementation and we are confident that as new questions or issues arise they will be there to support us.

Our Bauer Team is thankful to our One Step project manager, implementation specialists and their staff for the time and attention that they dedicated to our project. They worked so well with us; it felt like their team was an extension or our team and we are grateful for their hard work to make our project a success.


Julie A. King

Senior Manager, Retail Sales & Operations

Bauer Hockey Retail, LLC