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One Step Retail Solutions Expands into the World of E-Commerce

Los Angeles, CA – December 7, 2018 – One Step Retail Solutions, a leader in innovative technology for the retail industry, announced its plans to expand their range of SMART retail solutions with their very own E-Commerce platform designed to help retailers increase the reach and visibility of their brand. Their new offering is another advancement made to assist modern retailers with the challenges they are facing during a time when success in retail is reliant on a digital presence in our multichannel world.

“I am excited to offer E-Commerce to our customers because One Step is a brand that people can trust. Finding a partner you can count on can be an expensive and confusing process for E-commerce. From strategic website design and check out features, to effective marketing campaigns. One Step’s E-Commerce is purpose driven to help grow your business.”- Josh Fisher, Retail Services Expert for One Step Retail Solutions.

One Step’s fully managed platform’s design is sophisticated yet easy to navigate, and completely customizable to meet each brand’s retail-specific needs at a price you cannot beat. One Step will also offer E-Commerce consulting with the intent of maximizing your investment. Available soon, their new cart will offer a complete solution for retailers wishing to stay connected with consumers throughout their entire buying journey, at a very competitive price. Additionally, One Step has assembled a team to provide tools, technology, expertise and the guidance desired to assist retailers in succeeding online.

Buyers are no longer gathering information about products in only one place. Retailers who understand the value of developing or continuing to build upon their online presence now have an e-commerce platform to perfect their customer experience.

Scott Kreisberg, CEO of One Step Retail Solutions recently spoke about their latest solution.

“One Step has been working hard to provide a single place that retailers can go to get all of the Retail Ready Solutions they need to be successful in today’s competitive retail climate. When retailers have one partner it can offer them peace of mind and they typically will experience less integration issues. Adding E-Commerce to our offerings just made sense. We are already helping our clients with their brick and mortar stores and understand their brand, by helping them improve their online presence, we can offer consistency throughout all of their retail channels.”

About One Step:
At One Step Retail Solutions, we look to combine many years of industry experience with the latest retail technology to create a destination where our clients can easily stay on top of retail trends while elevating their shopping experience. As technology continues to shape the future of retail and shoppers demand a more digitally driven customer experience, our goal is to make SMART retail simple for your brand. We provide a range of SMART solutions, completely customizable to fit each retailer's specific needs, including next-generation retail management systems, e-commerce, inventory planning, managed services, and custom programming. Our commitment to innovation and exceeding customer expectations has allowed us to become a trusted retail partner to many remarkable brands.

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