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Phoenix, AZ – July 5, 2017 - One Step Data Inc., d/b/a One Step Retail Solutions, a leader in the retail technology and services market, has recently announced an additional service offering to further help specialty retailers succeed; One Step Inventory Planning.

One Step provides Inventory Planning to retailers, through the company’s highly-trained retail consultants. One Step’s Inventory Planning helps retailers forecast sales, thereby protecting their cash through smart inventory purchases, and thus growing their businesses.

In adding Inventory Planning to our service offering, One Step furthers its mission to help make technology easy and useful for independent retailers thus allowing them to compete and succeed against bigger corporate retailers.

Scott Kreisberg, CEO of One Step recently spoke about One Step’s newest service.


“After over 30 plus years providing retail solutions for businesses, we’ve realized that to service our customers thoroughly, we needed to take the combined experience of our team, our knowledge of the retail industry and insight into the current and future trends in retail and create a service offering that provides value and
emphasizes our expertise in the industry.

For this reason, we’re expanding our retail services to include Inventory Planning to help retailers with a plan and a roadmap, because inventory should not be left to chance. It needs to be managed for success.”


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