Written by Bobby Nairn, One Step Retail Solutions Business Development Manager

Jacque (pronounced Jackie), has been part of the One Step Retail family since 2014. As one of our dedicated point-of-sale Account Manager’s, she has helped countless One Step clients stay current with the latest retail technology. In fact, she has been helping business owners with their technology needs for almost 13 years. With a BA and MBA in Business Management, Jacque loves business! “Every aspect of it,” she explains, “there is just so much that goes into running a successful company.”

Jacque made her start in retail by entering the world of credit card processing. To the average person, this may not sound very exciting, but for Jacque, it brought a great sense of accomplishment. “I went home every day satisfied knowing that I was able to help my clients save money on a service that is essential in today’s cashless world.”

Her outgoing, customer-centric mentality has made her an invaluable asset here at One Step. And, the first choice to join the team behind the launch of our brand-new Secure IT Services division. There could not have been a better fit to educate and support businesses in protecting their technology. Jacque understands technology inside out while recognizing how important it is to the success of any business.

When asked what the biggest challenge business owners are facing in today’s cybersecurity world, Jacque replied, “Convincing decision makers that they are not immune to the sophisticated cyber threats that exist today. The truth is, it’s likely they have already been compromised! IT best practices as simple as regularly scheduled back-ups are often overlooked until a business is faced with a ransomware attack.”

“The key is to maintain IT industry standards and best practices to avoid catastrophic events. If we can prevent one email from being compromised or one virus attack— that will potentially keep a business’s doors open!”

Jacque joins our Secure IT team fully committed to helping our customers stay ahead of an ever-changing digital landscape with proactive care, increased security, and around-the-clock support. Our clients’ satisfaction and safety are our Secure IT team’s top priority, something that Jacque takes to heart, as she tackles today’s cybersecurity challenges.