Solutions for retailers reopening stores.

The last few months may have been full of uncertainty, but if one thing is for certain—retail is reopening and retailers need a strategy to do so safely and effectively in a new commerce landscape.

As the majority of states begin to loosen their restrictions, slowly phasing open the economy, and restoring some sense of normalcy. A part of me lights up thinking this is the break retail has been waiting for.

After missing peak selling season and reporting a record drop in sales during April. The next hurdle retailers must confront is how to build momentum following this disruption, without sacrificing the safety of customers and employees.

While challenges still remain ahead, many innovative products have been developed to help retailers pivot quickly and find comfort operating under new circumstances.

In this article, we will review a few noteworthy picks for retailers looking to regain control of their business, capitalize on sales, and keep customer and employee safety top of mind.

Curbside Pick-UpShopgate Curbside Pick-Up

Over the past few weeks we have witnessed a more than 200% increase in orders placed online and fulfilled curbside, sparking interest in curbside pick-up solutions. By implementing a Curbside Pick-Up Program that supports buy or reserve online and pick-up curbside, you can begin engaging customers and moving inventory in the “new normal.” All it takes is 4 simple steps until your business is up and running, fulfilling customer orders. Create your account, connect your store/s, add your inventory, and start selling. As reopening phases continue to advance, a Curbside Solution offers a flexible alternative to shoppers that remain hesitant to return shopping in-store.


UV-Clean Disinfection Technologies

Industry leading UV-Clean Disinfection Technologies are designed to inactivate bacteria and viruses at the cellular level through no-touch, automated cleaning. These solutions offer a next-generation method for safely disinfecting high touch devices like touch screens, tablets, mobile devices, and pin pads, keeping the health of your customers and employees as the number one priority.


ENS Group UV Clean StandaloneUV-Clean Standalone 

The UV Clean Standalone unit is your secret weapon against the spread of infectious microorganisms on high-touch surfaces and objects. The UV-Clean Standalone unit is designed to provide a fast and effective way to disinfect smaller devices including portable tablets, mPOS, handheld scanners, and headsets. Simply place your mobile devices in the steel tray area and walk away for the cleaning cycle to begin. Automated, small doses of chemical-free UV-C light will help to eliminate harmful pathogens keeping your customers and employees happy and healthy.



Enhance the safety of your shopping experience with the UV-Clean / UV-24 automated cleaning solution. Compatible with 15.5” to 24” touch screens, attached payment devices, and smaller high-touch surfaces including tablets and pin pads. The UV-Clean / UV-24 supports current cleaning protocols without staff interaction, using motion sensing for safe deployment of UV-C light to prevent bacteria and viruses from multiplying or causing infection. Differentiate yourself from the competition with preventative, forward-looking innovation.


ENS Group UV24-PTUV24-PT

The UV24-PT is designed to latch onto most major payment devices providing a worry-free transactional experience. Featuring motion activated UV-C light to disinfect high touch devices and a customizable disinfecting cycle.

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Retail POS ShieldsRetail POS Shield

Reduce the spread of contagious, airborne germs commonly produced by talking, sneezing, or coughing and create safer interactions between your customers and sales associates with a Point-of-Sale Shield. Ease your customers' worries with a visible, protective barrier that allows for a secure transaction while still maintaining social distancing and separation from personal space. Built from durable, clear acrylic with a strong frame to meet the requirements of high traffic retail environments—pick a size and window option (or customize one) that fits your needs to allow for a safer transfer of items and payments.

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As the retail industry prepares to reopen its doors to shoppers, One Step Retail Solutions remains committed to helping retailers ease their transition into a new commerce landscape.

Get back to offering the signature shopping experience you are known for with improved safety measures to make customers and employees feel “at-home” shopping again.

To learn more about how you can quickly implement a curbside pick-up solution, next-gen disinfection technologies, or protective POS barrier, please contact us today .