Currently the world is seeing an unprecedented amount of people working remotely due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Because of this, many individuals are just now being introduced to the precautionary measures that businesses and IT teams take each day to protect their vital systems and data.

Workers settling into their home offices or kitchen tables and living rooms to create makeshift workspaces should be aware of these essential steps to remain secure while working remotely. While many workers are still adjusting to their new remote lifestyles, hackers have identified now as an ideal time to attack.

Below, we share 6 STEPS you can easily implement to ensure you have a safe remote working environment during these unusual times:


1. Ensure Your WiFi Connection is Secure:

If you have had your internet set up by professionals in the past few years this should not be an issue, but if you have a custom installation, or older WiFi equipment you may need to talk to an IT person to make sure you have the proper protections in place.


2. Make Sure Your Antivirus Software is Installed and Up to Date:

Every device connected to the internet should have an anti-virus software fully active to find threats. You may even have notifications popping up as you are reading this telling you to update yours… so do it now!


3. Use Stronger Passwords:

Make sure each of your passwords are unique and up to current security standards set forth by the National Institute of Standards and Security. You can do this by adding capital letters, numbers, and special characters.


4. Have 2-factor Authentication in Place:

If creating a more secure password isn’t enough to keep hackers out, using two-factor authentication will add an additional layer of protection requiring you to confirm your identity through a second medium.


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5. Backup Your Data:

As threat actors continue to find and invent ways to prey on people losing focus due to the spread of COVID-19, you should make sure you are regularly backing up all of your data to avoid data loss due to human error, physical damage, or a ransomware attack.


6. Use a VPN to achieve a secure connection to your work environment:

If you are using a remote server or working from your office computer through a remote connection, make sure that you are connecting to that location securely by using a VPN.


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Following these steps can help to protect your company from data breach and provide peace of mind to business owners while employees continue to work remotely.

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Well wishes to you and yours during these unusual times!