Stages West Enhances Operations with One Step Retail Solutions through BigCommerce and Teamwork Commerce Integration

Stages West, a prominent Western apparel and boot store in East Tennessee, has successfully transformed its business operations by strategically integrating Teamwork Commerce and BigCommerce with the help of One Step Retail Solutions.


A Smokey Mountain Staple

With a history dating back to 1975, Stages West has become a renowned destination for Western fashion enthusiasts. Operating both a physical store and a thriving online presence, Stages West required a seamless integration of its systems to optimize its operations effectively.

Matt Settlemoir, an experienced IT and eCommerce professional, played a crucial role in overcoming various obstacles that the business encountered over the years, including a building fire in 2016, rebuilding efforts, navigating the challenges of the 2020 pandemic, and the recent acquisition by Ariat, a well-established Western wear brand.


The Challenges

Before partnering with One Step Retail Solutions, Stages West faced recurring issues with its point-of-sale (POS) system. Glitches in the system updates often disrupted employee productivity, leading to delays in issue resolution from support channels. The implementation of the new integration has significantly enhanced operational efficiency.

“Previously, if there was a refund through the website, we would have to go back into BigCommerce and manually issue that refund instead of doing it through Teamwork Commerce like we’re supposed to, but (One Step) got that fixed for us,” Settlemoir said.

In their prior integration, a challenge arose when customers purchased gift cards on the website, as these orders would become stuck during import. To address this issue, they had to generate a new sale in order to fulfill the order.

However, these hindrances have been resolved with the deployment of the new integration. The gift card orders and refunds now seamlessly flow through the system, eliminating the need for any additional manual intervention or special handling procedures. This improvement has streamlined their processes and enhanced customer satisfaction by ensuring smooth and accurate order fulfillment.

Settlemoir explained, "We had stability issues—in other words, every time there was an update, things would often break. Getting support tickets resolved would take quite a while."


The Solution

To address these challenges and enhance their operational efficiency, Stages West utilized the expertise of One Step Retail Solutions. The primary objective was to integrate their existing BigCommerce website seamlessly with Teamwork Commerce, their retail management software.

This customization involved integrating various elements, such as the Product Catalog, Inventory Quantity, Customers, and Sales Orders. A meticulous discovery and design phase paved the way for the integrations' coding, deployment, and rigorous testing.

The integration solution catered to Stages West's specific requirements, accommodating the import of BigCommerce Gift Certificates and special orders from Amazon and Facebook. These customizations were successfully implemented, ensuring that all integrations functioned flawlessly.

“There is a little bit more functionality — it’s easier and more efficient to use now,” Settlemoir said. “It’s definitely been a lot smoother with One Step’s help.”

Before working with One Step, the Stages West team found they were waiting long before tickets were resolved. Now, when issues arise, they are resolved promptly.

“The support aspect, definitely, is far superior,” Settlemoir said.

In addition, the features of their prior integration that weren’t working properly were fixed, making it easier for the Stages West team to be productive and provide customers with a great shopping experience.


Benefits Achieved

The integration of BigCommerce with Teamwork Commerce through One Step Retail Solutions provided Stages West with several significant benefits:

  • Unified Product Catalog and Inventory Control Manual updates across multiple systems were eliminated, mitigating the risk of oversells and reducing administrative burden.
  • Complete Order Management System The Implementation of advanced routing logic and integration with an external warehouse management system (ShipStation) made fulfillment seamless.
  • Real-Time Synced Customer Profiles Customer information remained updated in real-time across both the retail and online platforms, ensuring immediate availability of information.
  • Buy Online, Pick Up in Store (BOPIS) Functionality Customers were offered the convenience of placing orders online and collecting them from nearby retail locations.
  • Buy Online, Return in Store (BORIS) Functionality Customers gained the flexibility to return merchandise purchased online at physical store locations.
  • Detailed Reporting and Forecasting Through SSRS and Looker, Stages West acquired enhanced reporting capabilities, facilitating consolidated retail and e-commerce sales analysis for more accurate revenue tracking and forecasting.

Stages West achieved a seamless and efficient operational environment by partnering with One Step Retail Solutions and integrating Teamwork Commerce and BigCommerce.

The successful integration eliminated system glitches, improved productivity, and ensured prompt issue resolution as their retail and online systems work harmoniously.