In a recent interview for Martech Interview Series TechBytes, Josh Baumrind, SVP of Partners and Corporate Development for Evergage, discusses the omnichannel gaps that exist among in-store marketing and the technological resources available to fill them. As a proud partner of Evergage, we like to share with you Josh’s insights on online and in-store personalization technologies, the challenges retailers face with data integration, the importance of a single customer data platform, and what mistakes retailers should avoid in regard to omnichannel personalization.

Excerpt from “TechBytes with Josh Baumind, SVP of Partners and Corporate Development, Evergage” written by Sudipto Ghosh:

How do marketers monetize integrated online and store personalization technologies? Tell us about Evergage’s omnichannel CX capabilities?

You’ve hit on the key problem. Often marketers for retail brands are using different technology vendors, integrators and consulting services for their digital operations versus their stores. This leads to a proliferation of tools and silos of customer data that prevent a retailer from having a complete view of a customer’s engagement online and in stores so they cannot fully personalize and monetize it.

Through our recent alliance with Sophelle and One Step Retail Solutions, customer purchase activity and insights from retail store operations will be synchronized with that customer’s behavior across digital channels. Initially, we are focused on point-of-sale equipment but will move quickly to clientele apps, kiosks, and even in-store beacons. The key is that all the online and in-store data is…

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