To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to provide an update and testimonial regarding our recent upgrade to Retail Pro 9. Overall, I would say the project has been a success. The planning process was very smooth with clear communication from the One Step team regarding the timeline. Implementation went very smoothly with little disruption in our normal business operations, which is always welcome. Our One Step Implementation Specialists were very knowledgeable and efficient in terms of install. They were incredibly helpful in terms of training and answering lots of questions as they came up in the first week. I hadn’t realized so much would need to be re-created and they did a great job of getting our documents and layouts looking and working the way we wanted them. As with any new system, there were a few problems and questions that came up, but the One Step team did a good job of answering and resolving those quickly.

Overall, I have been happy with the upgrade and appreciate the hard work by the team at One Step to keep my project moving along as smoothly as possible.

Thank you!!

Sierra Dietz

President, Grasshopper Shop