To whom it may concern,

I am pleased to provide this letter of testimonial for One Step Retail and its staff. I would especially like to spotlight our One Step Implementation Specialist for the numerous years of installations, troubleshooting, advice, and support. Over the past 20+ years of using Retail Pro, he has provided us superb support. From initial installations to minor configuration changes, One Step’s Implementation Specialist has always worked through the task efficiently and effectively. We’re always happy to hear his voice on the phone when taking a call from One Step Retail.

Recently, we upgraded our Retail Pro. The upgrade included a main and 8 remotes. One Step scheduled the upgrade to occur over many days so that our specialist could focus on two or so installs at a time. He went through the process with us beforehand noting challenges and tasks we could do to assist in the upgrade. He reviewed with us the changes we might notice in the software and gave us ample time to make sure our systems were up and going once the upgrade was complete. The entire upgrade when by without issues. Having worked with One Step Implementation Specialist for many years, we knew it would.

Much of my own working knowledge of Retail Pro comes from working with him. He is a rare person in the support field. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable about the software, but his calm and purposeful methods along with his support etiquette makes for a positive interaction. But more than that, he can provide technical support with an understanding of what retailers need in their software and how to apply it. This makes him a true asset when he’s on the other end of the phone call.

Todd Graham
General Manager
The Acadia Corporation

Acadia Shops – The Acadia Shops are a group of shops located in Bar Harbor and (Coming Soon) Southwest Harbor, Maine. Locally owned and operated for over 84 years, Acadia Shops have been servicing the needs of Bar Harbor visitors and local residents alike. From homemade ice cream to hiking boots, the Acadia Shops provide quality products from throughout the area. When you shop at Acadia Shops, you support Bar Harbor’s local economy.