This past year, One Step was presented with an unbelievable opportunity to partner with Something Digital. The team at Something Digital immerses themselves in e-commerce, website design, digital marketing, and user experience. In this month’s edition of the Partner Connection, we wanted to take a closer look at SD, so we spoke with Brittany Wheeler, Manager of Marketing and Partnerships, to share their story. This is Something Digital…

Something Digital will turn 20 years old this year. We launched in 1999, the year before Y2K, a time that many assumed the digital universe as we know it would come to a crashing halt. Smartphones, today’s ubiquitous accessory, and the app marketplaces they quickly gave rise to, were still some years away.

It was a time of cautious optimism, wide-eyed wonder and naivety. Ecommerce was not quite the major engine of the consumer economy as it is today. As many people didn’t quite believe that giving their credit card info to the ethernet (as it was often called) was a good idea.

At the same time, the number of ecommerce sites was exploding. People magazine ran a weekly column, called “The Net,” that highlighted the amazing range of products that were now available on “The Net.” In 1999, Amazon patented it’s 1-click service, and Alibaba launched — events that undeniably ushered in revolutions in consumerism.

Now that global marketplaces and apps are our new normal, it’s hard to imagine there ever being a time when going online required computers and dial-up modems. Or that Amazon only sold books. We have loved watching the ecommerce landscape change over the past 20 years and we can’t wait to see what’s to come in the next 20.

Who is Something Digital?!

Something Digital is an award-winning, multi-disciplinary team that produces innovative ecommerce experiences for leading B2C and B2B brands with offices in New York City, West Palm Beach, and Los Angeles. As a full-service agency we do everything from discovery, design, development, deployment, and ongoing maintenance with ecommerce sites. Our specialty is building and maintaining ecommerce sites on Magento and Shopify Plus and to ensure our clients get what they need to grow and succeed. We have partnerships with many different technology providers (including One Step Retail).

We are a unique place, where people and their businesses excel, and everyone gets invited to dinner (you won’t want to miss one of our dinners). We’d love to meet you, so if you’re at any of the following conferences give us a shout or feel free to reach out to us before then at (we swear a real person monitors this inbox and will get back to you in 24 hours!).