To Whom It May Concern,

Spectra Food Services & Hospitality recently finished our Retail Pro implementation with the One Step Retail Solutions team. We are happy to say the system has been fully and timely implemented by them. All challenges and obstacles have been well handled.

One Step’s Implementation Specialist presented us with a project plan and it was successfully executed to our satisfaction. Retail Pro is being used at all five of our locations within Sloan Park in Mesa, Arizona and we are ready for Opening Day on February 24th. One Step came on-site multiple times to help get all the hardware and software ready and to fully train us on the new system.

We are enjoying the flexibility of Retail Pro’s point of sale and inventory management. We have found the back office and reporting functions to be very user-friendly. We would like to see some additional ability to save filter parameters.

There are still some challenges that need to be tackled and of course, we need to get through our spring training season, but we know that One Step Retail Solutions will be helping us the entire way.


Keith Rich
Director of Retail
Spectra Food Services & Hospitality