by Jason Schenck, Implementation Specialist – One Step Retail Solutions 

The improper application of Windows upgrades and updates can have adverse effects on POS systems.

All of the POS systems and software we sell is only certified on certain versions of the Windows Operating System. With the advent of Windows 10, it has become imperative that companies check to make sure your software is ready for an operating system upgrade. Though there are major advantages to updating to a later operating system, we recommend you consult with your One Step contact to confirm your POS product has been certified for the new operating system. This will help to ensure that there are no issues upon upgrading your desktops and/or POS stations.

Although you are on an approved Windows Operating System, you do have to run updates all the time. However, it is highly recommended to install available updates and check periodically to ensure they are running. Most updates deal with fixing various security issues and should not be ignored. If you need to check this on Windows 7, go to the Start menu Search bar and type “Windows Updates” in the search. On Windows 10, type the same search into your search on the taskbar next to the Start menu. When One Step sets up hardware for our clients, we configure all updates to always be installed. If you see your system needs to be rebooted in order to complete an installation, then feel free to wait till after the close of business that day to reboot. Make sure you are not interrupting a backup at that time.

Keeping your system up to date will help to ensure PCI compliance and security of your software implementation. If you have any questions about your current system configuration, our technicians here at One Step are here to help.