To Whom It May Concern:

We have been working with One Step on our current Retail Pro upgrade and couldn’t be more satisfied with the services provided. Our dedicated One Step Implementation Specialist has gone above and beyond what we have expected.

This project has proven to be way more intense than first anticipated by our company and One Step has been there each step of the way to guide us through all the quirks that have come up.

We first decided to upgrade due to some features in the previous version that was giving us problems with minimal solutions available to us. We were very reluctant to upgrade due to the size of our inventory and the dynamics and specifics of our operations. One Step knew our system and how we do things and made every attempt to mirror that going into this new version.

Our new version has a lot of features and with that understandably comes many issues, however, we are stoked that our One Step specialist is there and will be there for us to help us to 100% completion of this project.

Keith Breiter
Huntington Surf & Sport