As soon as the virus breached our shores, the team at One Step set out on a mission.

Our mission was to gather all of the most helpful thought-leaders and resources that we believed could make a difference and ease the impact of COVID-19 on your business. We wanted to provide real help to businesses in need, and we knew we had to act FAST! So, what now?

At that moment, we were unconsciously taking the advice of our first guest on The Coffee Talks Series, “Embrace video and make the most of it.”

That’s what Derek Resler of RingCentral told me when we sat down to discuss effective communication strategies for businesses transitioning to remote work amidst the coronavirus chaos.

Derek went on to share so many great ideas for keeping your staff and customers engaged while making it fun and finding comfort in the new normal without ever having to give up the personal touch those relationships were built on.

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