To Whom It May Concern,

I’m writing regarding our recent installation and “Go Live” of Retail Pro at our new Shrewsbury location (our 8th store to roll out Retail Pro). Our goal was to install the software and hardware and get the store up and running smoothly. We were able to accomplish our goal in the necessary time frame for our Grand Opening, Saturday 9/21/2017.

This being the first store we’ve rolled out in many years presented some challenges as there are with any implementation. Making them extremely difficult is the number of custom plugins that we have built into our Retail Pro Installation over the years. That being said, with the help of One Step, those issues were met and overcome with the highest priority.

Together with my team, One Step worked through the project plan and developed the timeline and deadlines for each step. Our needs were always met in a timely manner and we were up and running smoothly and efficiently in time for our Grand Opening. Our assigned Implementation Specialist played a critical role (on site) in getting our store configured quickly and easily.

Overall, though we had a few bumps along the way, this implementation, with the help of the One Step team, has been a huge success. It’s always a pleasure working with them on any projects we present to them.



Michael DiTullio, President

Especially for Pets, Inc.